Research Integrity

Research Integrity

SAHMRI is committed to the conduct of methodologically and ethically sound research that complies with the core principles of research conduct as outlined by the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research:

  • Honesty and Integrity;
  • Respect for human participants, animals and the environment;
  • Responsible use of public resources to conduct research;
  • Appropriate acknowledgement of the role of others in research; and
  • Responsible communication of research results.

All SAHMRI staff, students and visiting researchers must comply with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and associated SAHMRI Research Policies.

Concerns regarding research misconduct will be taken very seriously by the Institute. Staff are encouraged to contact the SAHMRI Designated Person in the first instance to discuss their concerns (please refer to attached flowchart for further detail).

Advisor in Research Integrity

The Research Integrity Advisory can provide confidential advice to staff, students or other persons about:

  • Actions that might constitute misconduct;
  • The rights and responsibilities of the complainant; and
  • The procedures that will apply in the handling of allegations of research misconduct at SAHMRI.

Professor Maria Makrides is SAHMRI’s Advisor in Research Integrity.

Research Misconduct Designated Person

SAHMRI has appointed a senior staff member from the Research Office as the Misconduct Designated Person. Any allegation of research misconduct should be made to the Designated Person who will obtain the information required to undertake an initial assessment. The documentation will then be discussed in detail with the Research Integrity Advisor. Following assessment of whether the allegation can or cannot be dismissed, the matter will then be directed to the Executive Director as appropriate.

Dr Leanne Sutherland is SAHMRI’s Research Misconduct Designated Person.

Download the Research Integrity Flowchart

Access SAHMRI’s Whistleblower Hotline and Policy

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