Research Governance

Research Governance

SAHMRI is committed to conducting and supporting methodologically and ethically sound research that adheres to, and is conducted in accordance with, ethical principles, guidelines for responsible research conduct, legislation and regulations.

Responsibility for ensuring research governance requirements are met falls principally to the institution that hosts the research and the researchers who conduct health and medical research.

To address this, SAHMRI has developed a Research Governance Framework for all research involving human participants to ensure compliance with these requirements.

This Research Governance Framework is intended to provide guidance to researchers, both those employed by SAHMRI and external researchers seeking access to the SAHMRI site, data and/or staff, of SAHMRI’s research governance requirements.

When do I need to apply the Framework and complete a SSA?

The SAHMRI Research Governance Framework applies to researchers involved in the conduct of health and medical research involving humans that:

  • Is conducted on the SAHMRI site (i.e. the North Terrace Building) and includes the clinical rooms on Level 4; and/or
  • Involves the use of samples/data/records or other material held and managed by SAHMRI

The Framework applies equally to employees of SAHMRI and external researchers who are undertaking research at the SAHMRI site.

The Site Specific Assessment is a component of research governance and involves assessing the suitability of the resources at the SAHMRI site, and whether they are sufficient to ensure the satisfactory conduct and completion of the project. It also considers whether appropriate consultation and approval has been granted by local decision makers to permit the project to the undertaken at SAHMRI.

This Framework does not apply to research undertaken by SAHMRI staff at external institutions e.g. public health organisation. Local policies will apply at these institutions and must be adhered to at all times.

Compliance with this Framework is mandatory. Download the form required.

Once completed, the SSA form must be submitted to the Research Governance Officer at SAHMRI via email

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