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Dr Jacqueline Gould

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Doctorate of Philosophy (Medicine, Pediatrics and Reproductive Health)
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Hons Psychology)
Bachelor of Social Sciences


Jacqueline is passionate about research that can promote a healthy start to life. She is interested in the role of early nutrition in neurodevelopment, with the goal of optimising the development and functioning of the brain, particularly in disadvantaged children.

She was awarded her PhD in March 2013 in the area of nutrition, paediatrics and developmental psychology. She now holds a MS McLeod Research Fellowship as an early career researcher. For the last seven years Jacqueline has worked with the Child Nutrition Research Centre on three of the largest randomised controlled trials in the area of neonatal and perinatal nutrition. All three are NHMRC funded and are aimed at improving a range of outcomes of children through ensuring optimal nutrition. Her work has involved assessing the neurodevelopmental outcomes of these children to evaluate intervention efficacy.

Currently she supervisors Hons, Masters and PhD level psychology students. She is increasingly shifting the focus of her research to investigate the development of infants born preterm, and predictors of child development.

Key publications

Gould JF, Smithers LG, Makrides M.The effect of maternal omega-3 LCPUFA supplementation during pregnancy on early childhood cognitive and visual development: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2013; 97(3): 531 544.

Gould JF, Makrides M, Colombo J, Smithers LG. A randomized controlled trial of maternal omega-3 LCPUFA supplementation during pregnancy and early childhood development of attention, working memory and inhibitory control. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2014; 99(4): 851-859.

Makrides M, Gould JF, Gawlik NR, Yelland LN, Smithers LG, Anderson PJ, Gibson RA. Four year follow-up of children born to women in a randomized controlled trial of DHA supplementation during pregnancy. Journal of the American Medical Association 2014; 17: 1802-1804.

Collins C, Gibson RA, Anderson PJ, McPhee AJ, Sullivan TR, Gould JF, Ryan P, Doyle LW, Davis PG, McMichael JE, French NP, Colditz PB, Simmer K, Morris SA, Makrides M. Neurodevelopmental outcomes at 7-years’ corrected age in preterm infants who were fed high-dose docosahaenoic acid to term equivalent: a follow-up of a randomized controlled trial. British Medical Journal-Open 2015; 5 (3)

Research interests

Child development

Child behaviour


Clinical trials and nutritional interventions

Preterm infant development

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