Anneka Bowman



Bachelor of Health Sciences (Reproductive Health)

Graduate Certificate in Research Management and Commercialisation

Masters of Research Management and Commercialisation


Anneka has worked in research particularly in randomized controlled trials for almost a decade, and has extensive experience in trial management of pregnancy clinical trials both within Adelaide and across Australia. Anneka’s strength in this area is built on her undergraduate degree in health sciences, majoring in reproductive health, and also by her master’s degree of research management and commercialisation.

Anneka's current research is focused on a review of lifestyle, environmental and social determinant risk factors, and the impact that they have on stillbirth rates with a focus on high-income countries. This research is supported by the Stillbirth Centre of Research Excellence scholarship (2018) and the University Australian Government Research Training Program. Anneka is conducting an updated systematic review and meta-analysis of these factors for stillbirth with a team of researchers from across Australia. The factors of interest are those that are potentially modifiable, and review will be integral to establishing where we can modify behaviour, and implement action plans to prevent stillbirths in all high income countries.

In conjunction with the systematic review, Anneka be reviewing data from the National Perinatal Data collection in collaboration with the Stillbirth centre of Research Excellence. Anneka will be focusing on stillbirths, and from this data set, can gain valuable insight into the current prevalence of stillbirth in Australia, as well as any associations between stillbirths and lifestyle, environment and social determinants affecting families.

Research Interests

Anneka's research interests are in modification of risk during the antenatal period to decrease the risk of poor pregnancy outcome. She has a particular interest in behaviour modification to reduce risk in disadvantaged populations and minority groups in Australia and high income countries.

PhD project Title:

Investigation of lifestyle and environmental factors and social determinants associated with stillbirth


A/Prof Philippa Middleton, Prof Maria Makrides, Prof Vicki Flenady

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