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South Australian Comprehensive Cancer Consortium (SACCC)

Recently SAHMRI led development of the establishment of a South Australian Comprehensive Cancer Consortium (SACCC). The purpose for establishing a SACCC is to:

  • Bring together complementary research and clinical expertise in cancer which is currently spread across multiple sites
  • Promote translational programs to speed the progression of research discoveries through to improved clinical outcomes
  • Identify, highlight and build distinctive strengths in cancer research and clinical services across South Australia
  • Work collectively to develop major research programs aligned with the goals of the South Australian government
  • Provide academic leadership and specialist training to support workforce development
  • Work to ensure the best clinical outcomes for cancer patients living in South Australia


Three meetings were held throughout 2012 at SAHMRI, Cancer Council SA and the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer (FCIC) in order to ensure consultation with various members of the health and medical research community in South Australia regarding the development of a model for the SACCC.


After review of existing models in Australia and the US, along with consultation with members from the health and medical research community, a model for the SACCC was developed based on identified cancer research strengths currently present in South Australia. This model comprises tumour streams intersecting with pillars that identify the different areas within cancer research and services.

Tumour Streams

Six tumour streams have been identified for this model as follows:

  • Prostate
  • Haematology
  • Breast
  • Colorectal
  • Oesophageal
  • Emerging


Six pillars which categorise various areas in cancer research and services have been identified as follows:

  • Epidemiology, Biobanks and Registries
  • Bioscience
  • Genomics, Genetics and Drugable Targets
  • Prevention (includes screening)
  • Health Services Research
  • Therapeutic Innovations (includes clinical and translational research)

Steering Committee

In order to progress the development of the SACCC, facilitators have been appointed to lead each tumour stream or pillar. These individuals comprise a Steering Committee, which oversee the development and establishment of the SACCC. The first Steering Committee meeting was held in December 2012 with future meetings to be held every 2-3 months. SAHMRI will initially provide in-kind administrative support.

The current model including appointed Facilitators is available here.

The purpose of the SACCC Steering Committee is to ensure cancer research is actively translated to policy and clinical practice for the benefit of improved patient outcomes and population health.

The SACCC will bring together the required knowledge and experience to develop a comprehensive and integrated approach to cancer research, linked to policy and clinical practice.


Current functions of the SACCC include the following:

  • Develop and oversee the establishment of the SACCC
  • Identify goals and strategic priorities
  • Identify initiatives to make South Australia more competitive in attracting research funding
  • Develop a funding model and identify sources of funds
  • Undertake stakeholder engagement; with the Cancer Clinical Network, SA Cancer Services
  • Develop a framework for consumer engagement
  • Identify key elements of required core cancer research infrastructure and promote the establishment and maintenance of this infrastructure
  • Provide state-wide leadership on major translational research programs focused on the consortium’s areas of distinctive research strength


To contact the SACCC Secretariat please email

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