Inductions, Training and Gaining Access

Access and Training: SAHMRI Bioresources

Card access to Bioresources is granted only after compulsory inductions and training workshops have been completed.

The following inductions and workshops are mandatory:

1. Ethics and Compliance Induction (including online exam with 80% pass mark)

  • A Schedule 8 substance component of the ethics induction must be attended if you plan to be working with Schedule 8 substances in your projects.

2. Bioresources Induction

Our services, equipment, training, assistance, regulatory requirements and policies are outlined during this induction, followed by a tour of the facility.

3. E-mus Database Training

A training session about the use of electronic database E-mus which is used to maintain all animal records in the facility including procedures and health monitoring.

4. Rodent Handling, Husbandry and Equipment Workshop

This includes a theory presentation about rodent behaviour, husbandry standards, use of core equipment in the facility and day to day responsibilities of the Bioresources Technicians and researchers. The presentation is followed by a handling workshop in the facility.

5. Euthanasia Workshop 

This includes a theory presentation followed by a workshop in the facility where competency is approved methods of euthanasia are taught and/or assessed.

NOTE: The Rodent Handling, Husbandry and Equipment Workshop and Euthanasia Workshop can be waived for researchers who are already experienced with handling and euthanasia of rodents. However, handling and euthanasia skills will still need to be assessed by designated Bioresources staff before access is granted and can begin work. 

All inductions and workshops are held monthly. Emus Database training is held fortnightly.You can see upcoming training dates on PPMS, and must register your attendance in the Requests section of PPMS: If you do not have a PPMS account, follow this link:

Please note that when selecting your dates on PPMS, Animal Ethics and Compliance Talk and Bioresources Induction must be attended first before you attend trainings with hands-on practical component (pre-requisite to access)- Euthanasia Training Course and Rodent Handling, Husbandry and Equipment Workshop.

For training/assessment related enquires, please email

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