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ComPath provides a range of pathology services that is designed to accommodate both disease investigation and health monitoring schedules. Our pathology laboratory offers the ability for high throughput sample collection and analysis. In addition to routine histology and pathology procedures, specialist services such as specific stains and electronic imaging are also available.

In all of our health monitoring packages, gross lesions are processed and reported on at no extra cost. Comprehensive routine histopathology on grossly normal tissues is also available on request.

What We Offer
  • Routine histology and pathology services such as tissue collection and preparation, staining and evaluation of histology slides
  • Disease Investigation
  • Specialist histopathology services such as special staining and interpretation of slides

Please contact the laboratory to discuss your needs for histopathology.


  • Trimming, slide preparation, staining (H&E)
  • Slide interpretation
  • Report on fixed tissues provided
  • Tissue samples should be sent in 10% buffered formalin
  • Special stains available
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