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Bacteriology & Parasitology

At ComPath we have a purpose-built bacteriology laboratory able to accommodate high-volume sample collection and quality analysis of all bacteriology samples sent for testing. Microbiological testing can also provide an independent evaluation of the effectiveness of disinfection regimes.

In our health monitoring packages, samples from live animals are routinely collected aseptically from respiratory and enteric tracts. Disease investigation samples can be taken from lesions, skin and normally sterile sites, and our staff are trained to identify the most appropriate sampling sites.

Our scientists have extensive knowledge in the field, gathered from over 10 years of intrastate and overseas experience. We are happy to provide advice on sample collection, suitable sites for maximum pathogen recovery, disease investigation and routine bacteriological testing for health monitoring purposes.

What we offer

  • Isolation and Identification of bacteria, parasites and fungi
  • Disease Investigation
  • Supply of media and/or reagents for difficult-to-handle samples (e.g. filters, cages)
  • Use of commercial biochemical profiling test kits
  • Serotyping for Salmonella species
  • Grouping for Streptococcus species
  • Subspecies identification for selected microbes
  • Bacteria species sequencing
  • Parasitological assay

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